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Our Services

Upon admission your Doctor may order a physical therapy evaluation and treatment. Upon discontinuation of this service the Physical Therapist will develop an individual maintenance program the nursing staff will continue to implement.
Social Services are available to assist residents, families, or groups, enhance or restore their capacity for optimal social functioning and for assisting to create atmospheres favorable to that goal. Social Services strives to assist the resident in normalizing their life, to celebrate their life, and to create opportunities for the resident to increase control of their lives.
Our exceptional nursing staff is here night and day to assist residents with medications, activities of daily living and to facilitate your independence. Our nursing staff works diligently to ensure that our residents have the highest quality of life possible.
A Dietitian will be consulted to develop a nutrition program that will meet the individual resident’s medical and nutritional needs. Therefore we ask that outside food and snacks be approved by nursing staff.
Our very talented Activities Director is committed to providing ongoing individual and group activities designed to meet the interests of participants. Please take time to consider your individual interests and share them with the staff so that we can best provide these valuable services. Also, please feel free to make suggestions if there are activities or outings that you or your loved one would find enjoyable.
Residents have the option to have laundry serviced at Canyonlands Care Center by our reliable laundry department at no additional cost, or to have laundry done by their family at home. Either way you will always be sure to have clean clothes and linens.


Canyonlands Care Center is a community living environment, as a result there can be no guarantee that items could not be lost or go missing. We ask residents and their families to consider these possibilities before bringing items of great monetary or sentimental value. There is a Resident Petty Cash Account available in which each resident has a clearly marked envelope for storing money and other valuables. Please give valuables to the nurse to ensure they are properly stored. One way to reduce the incidence of lost items is to label all of your personal property clearly with your name. Canyonlands Care Center residents’ clothing, shoes, quilts, etc. must be marked prior to admission with permanent marker or a purchased tag sewn in. It is suggested that you bring clothing that can be easily taken on and off, for example pants with elastic waist bands and well-fitting house shoes without laces. Occasionally residents choose to bring personal furniture from home into their new room. This is fine, however it is the responsibility of the resident or their families to maintain or replace personal furniture. Any furniture brought into Canyonlands Care Center must be in proper functioning order.
Here at Canyonlands Care Center we understand that for many of our residents leaving pets at home or with family can make the transition into an intermediate care facility difficult. Pet visits are allowed provided they are approved by our administrator or designee, and the pet is clean, free of disease and current on vaccinations.
At Canyonlands Care Center we encourage our residents to practice personal spiritual and cultural rituals. You may arrange for such services to come to the facility at anytime. You may also arrange to leave Canyonlands Care Center to practice. Your individual values and beliefs are important to us and we will do our best to respect them. Residents leaving the facility with family or friends must sign out before leaving and sign in when returning in the log book.
You may choose to have your mail delivered to you at Canyonlands Care Center. The address label should include your name and room number. Our unit clerk will ensure it gets to you in a timely fashion. The address for Canyonlands Care Center is 390 W. Williams Way, Moab, UT 84532.
Although wide screen televisions are provided for the residents in each living room some residents may choose to have a television in their room. Each room is cable ready and connection is provided. You or your family may provide a television to be no larger than 32 inches and must be a flat screen. Please notify our staff to request installation if you are interesting in doing this. In order to reduce noise pollution each resident is required to have a headset when listening to the television in their room.
Residents are free to make local phone calls or receive phone calls on our community telephone. You have the option to have a private telephone line in your room. If you choose to have a private telephone you or your family will be responsible for initiating and maintaining the telephone service with an outside company. Once the phone service has been arranged with the company, our IT specialists are informed so they may complete the in-house connection.
Bed hold consideration is determined on a case by case basis. Items of consideration are, but may not be limited to diagnoses, length of hospitalization or absence, and resident’s plans.
Canyonlands Care Center is a smoke-free campus, meaning smoking is not allowed by anyone (residents, staff or visitors) on Canyonlands Care Center grounds or in the Center. We do however, respect a resident’s individual choice to smoke, and will assist any prospective resident in locating a facility that allows smoking.
If you choose to drink alcohol while at Canyonlands Care Center you must have permission from your doctor. Please give any alcoholic beverages to the nurse to be stored separate from other food and beverage items.
Canyonlands Care Center contracts with Advanced Pharmacy, an outside pharmacy, to provide your medications. Therefore, it is very important that you leave your personal medications at home. For the safety of yourself, visitors (including children), and other residents medications are not kept in resident rooms. This includes all over the counter medications.